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Eliquid packaging and bottling at an affordable price. We can provide you with the best option anywhere for your eliquid bottling needs.


When it comes to creating a product line that is affordable for your clientele, and which upholds the quality your customers deserve, it is imperative that your products be handled with the utmost in professionalism and care. When choosing a company to bottle and package your eliquid product line, you must be sure that they conform to all industry standards in both health and safety.

The Eliquid Company provides our distinguished partners with bottling and packaging services which meets and exceeds all industry standards and guidelines. We have incorporated a methodology which ensures that each bottle that passes through our facility is handled with the highest level of health and safety protocols, as well as industry quality standards.

Our bottling system ensures that there is no waste, and each bottle is measured to the exact decimal. All eliquid offerings are held to the same stringent quality as our bottling processes. Our packaging is to your specifications, and delivery is always on time.

We offer your choice of eliquid bottles, which are made to ensure product health and safety, as well as shelf life.

Our intricate bottling and packaging systems are in line with all modern safety and health regulations, codes and guidelines. Our integrity and experience are at your disposal. We are ready to fill your order!