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Nicselect® is the highest quality liquid nicotine available. There are no chemically engineered formulas, or synthetically produced mixtures. Only Nicselect® offers nicotine which is naturally extracted from the finest tobacco plants.


The Eliquid Company (T.E.C.) proudly offers 100mg/ml Nicselect® liquid nicotine. We are the #1 distributors of raw materials for ejuice in Houston, and offer Nicselect® in liters, gallons, or drums.

Why Nicselect®?

The flavor of your eliquid depends on the type of liquid nicotine that you use. It is the foundation of your mix, and all other flavors are dependent on this base quality. Nicselect® uses only naturally extracted nicotine from the finest tobacco plants. It is never engineered or synthetically produced. This means that the nicotine you receive will be the highest quality when it comes to purity, and taste. Higher quality and purity means a smoother throat hit. A smoother throat hit allows you to genuinely savor the flavor of your eliquid with each, and every puff.

Low quality or synthetic nicotine possesses an undesirable flavor and astringency. These products will undermine every layer that comes after. Your VG or PG, even your primary flavoring, will be affected. Only Nicselect® has proven to blend with numerous PG and VG mixtures perfectly and without flaw each, and every time.

Nicselect® is used all over the world by the best eliquid manufacturers, including Vape On Liquids, and Pearl Eliquid.
Our DIY supplies allow you to create your very own eliquid mixtures of the absolute highest quality for business endeavors or personal use. Our products are always in stock, and we provide fast shipping. Our years of industry experience and integrity are at your disposal, and our customer service department is always on hand to assist you in any way.

We provide our customers with the absolute best prices available. We offer wholesale, and bulk order pricing. We are Houston’s leading distributor of ejuice and raw materials, with satisfied customers nationwide. Our products are of the highest quality, and made right here in the U.S.A.