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Vape On offers everything from classic flavors, to complex signature eliquid blends. Our timely undertaking produces only the finest in taste and quality. We use only the purest food-safe flavors that adhere to all food industry standards, and our premium eliquid is never outsourced. It is made right here in the U.S.A., in our cutting-edge facility in Houston, Texas.

Get your Vape On!

Our American made eliquid is developed using only the finest ingredients. We use only the purest USP-grade propylene glycol, which is 99.8% food-grade certified. We continue by using 99.7% pure USP, Kosher vegetable glycerin. This is balanced at a 70/30(vg/pg) blend, to ensure a smooth, ultra-dense, and delicious vape with each and every puff.

Post Balanced

Our expertly balanced 70/30(vg/pg) blend is then combined with our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which brings to you the most distinctive and full-bodied flavor imaginable. Our eliquid comes in nicotine values of 0mg to 30mg, so you can be sure there is a strength that is perfect for you.

Redefining Eliquid Flavor

Our masterful flavor-blending process will redefine how you look at eliquid flavors. Our strict quality process reinforces our commitment to excellence, and shines through upon the finality of each individual flavor. We have obtained the finest flavor extracts, and combine them masterfully with the purest of ingredients to form our wide array of premium e-liquid flavors including simple classic, genuine fruit, smoky tobacco, and refreshing mentholated flavors – as well as our deliciously complex signature eliquid blends.

Becoming an Authorized Distributor

Our company prides itself on being a world leader in eliquid technology. Our experts are able to produce only the highest quality eliquid flavors through dedication and years of experience in the field. Joining us in distributing the finest eliquid offerings available means to stay ahead of the curve. By joining us, you will be among the elite eliquid vendors, able to offer eliquid blends that are unique and exclusive. Join the team and become a Vape On Liquids authorized distributor today!